Adblock Radio, the first working ad filter for streaming radios and podcasts, has gone through milestones recently. The article that describes how the filter works got relayed on popular platforms related to technology and startups: Hacker News (front page #5), Reddit's r/programming, Product Hunt, HABR (Russia, Daily top), Gigazine (Japan)… It also got featured on high-impact B2B publications such as RBR (USA) and Radiopub (Europe). Thanks for spreading the word!

Adblock Radio as an open source SDK - call for integrators

My first objective is to make Adblock Radio compatible with all listening devices, as a SDK (Software Development Kit). The code is open source and everybody can help integrate it. Currently it's still a bit tricky to install and use Adblock Radio on your own. I work hard to make things easier, so that YOU can play with it. Adblock Radio can fit in smart speakers, mobile apps, browser extensions and even modern car sound systems (Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Mirrorlink…).

More radios compatible, more reliable filters - call for maintainers

My second objective is to support many more radios. As presented on the official list, currently 79 radios are supported across 13 countries.

- Is your favorite station missing on that list? Please write to me so that you can contribute to make it available.

- Do you think the filter is not good enough on some streams you listen to? The algorithm can learn. It just needs teachers. Please flag errors and, if possible for you, email me to volunteer to help make it better.

In the last weeks, I have worked with early contributors and we can all thank them for making 10 new radios available. The process is now ready to scale.

Long-term vision

Nobody wants our favorite radios to go out of business or creators to stop creating. Artists and editors need our financial support. Adblock Radio's long-term vision is to create new experiences for streaming media that will be worth paying for, so that artists get paid and ads won't be necessary anymore.

Happy listening,

Alexandre Storelli