Have you noticed that in Adblock Radio player, there is a button to tell that the filter did not behave as expected?

The ability to learn is one of the key features of Adblock Radio, letting it reach high quality filtering when trained properly. This process is assisted by volunteer radio maintainers. Pressing the "filtering error" button is the job of listeners. What follows explains how maintainers handle this data to tune Adblock Radio filters.

Maintainers are usually fans of a given radio station, for which the filter was originally subpar. Everything starts by contacting Adblock Radio team, to get to know each other and get some pointers on how to help.

The maintainer is then given credentials for a dedicated web interface, which looks like the screenshots below. The "Dashboard" tab gives info on the health of the live analysis system. Is it up and running? Has it been updated recently?

Most of the time will be spent on the "Predictions" tab, that features a timeline of content along with predictions by the ad filter.

The maintainer can listen and label chunks of audio as ads, talk or musical content.

When "Flags: none available" appears, it means that the maintainer has processed all the pending misprediction reports from listeners for that stream. Time to close that interface and go back to the original player. The corrections will be taken into account in the following hours.

Maintainers receive a daily notification about pending flags to examine. It's better to do it promptly (e.g. the same day), so that listeners do not flag the same error multiple times. Flags do not accumulate and everybody is happy.

It takes a minute or two every day and it helps a lot. If you are willing to help improve the filter of your favorite station, go to https://github.com/adblockradio/available-models/ and follow instructions!