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The first working ad filter

  • Skip ads and/or chit-chat on your favorite radios.
  • Try the web demo:
  • - Listen live to a selection of European mainstream radios
  • - During ads, turns the volume down or hops to another station
  • - If an ad gets through, report it to improve the filter
Try the demo now

Open source libraries to use in radio products

Ads detection algorithm

The filter combines machine learning and acoustic fingerprinting (Shazam-like) techniques. It is able to distinguish between music, talk and ads. It recognizes most new ads by itself and periodically receives updates in the background.

Learn more about how it works. Get the source code.

Buffer Player

A standalone player that plays webradio streams, time-shifted by 10 minutes. When ad breaks are detected, it fast-forwards them so you get continuous music and radio shows. If fast-forwarding is not an option, it hops to another station. Also gives you live metadata.

Under development. Contributions are welcome.

Webradio live metadata

Always know what is on air on your favorite radios. This modules goes on each radio's website and parses the live metadata: artist, title and album cover if available. Under the hood, this is a collection of URLs and scraping recipes.

Contributions are welcome.

Acoustic fingerprint of continuous streams

Haven't you always been amazed by how Shazam recognizes music? Some might think it is black magic, but actually its skill comes from a clever algorithm named landmark that extracts signatures from music… and also from ads. This module is an implementation that works on continuous audio streams such as radio. Feel free to use it in your own projects.

Get the source code.

Compatible with all radios

  • Currently more than 60 webradios are supported across 7 European countries. But Adblock Radio is built to be compatible with all radios, with the help of volunteer maintainers.
  • To know the currently supported radios and to request the support of more, please go to this page and follow instructions.
  • Note that new radios will probably not be visible on the web demo, but will be available on standalone players such as Adblock Radio Buffer.

… and soon available on multiple platforms

Smart speakers

Sonos, Google Home, Amazon Echo… Get a better radio on your smart speakers

DAB and Wifi radios

Smart radio that follow you everywhere at home and on holidays

In your car

Smart radio to have more enjoyable rides, with Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Mobile applications

Wherever you go, get the best radio content without the hassle of managing playlists


What could be done by hand, done automatically, just accomodating. A must-have!

If, like me, you don't listen to the radio anymore because ads three times an hour is just too much, then you'll enjoy this service.

Thank you for tinkering to bring this wonderful digital world back to its original purity, without ads.

Why Adblock Radio?

Alexandre Storelli

Data scientist and entrepreneur

  • In 2015, I have completed physics PhD studies that involved data analysis and signal processing skills. As a radio listener, I decided to put this experience to good use by bringing about major change in the radio sector. My goal is to encourage media to rely less on ads, and more on direct subscriptions.
  • Direct commercial relationships between consumers and editors have many advantages. A prominent one is that it allows a better alignment of the interests of media and consumers, leading to content that is less addictive and of better quality. I strongly believe in ethical design principles that embed a genuine respect of users at the core of products. To learn more about this, see for example what the Center for Humane Technology advocates.
  • Part of our society is looking for solutions alternative to advertising. Adblock Radio helps radios make their transition.
  • Made with ♥ in Lyon, France.
  • Want to chat? Write to contact [at] adblockradio [dot] com or click the button below.
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