Your favorite radios,

without ads

During commercials, Adblock Radio turns the volume down

or hops to another station of your choice

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Get radio à la carte with Adblock Radio

I choose what I want to hear

  • Music only
  • Music only, no ads, no chit chat
  • Everything but ads
  • Music and talk, but no ads
  • No filter
  • Radio as it is heard normally, with commercials

I replace unwanted content

  • Silence
  • Simply turn the volume down during ads
  • Channel-hops, then hops back
  • Replace ads by sound from another station
  • Channel-hops, then stay there
  • Skip commercials by hopping to another station

Adblock Radio is made for all radio lovers

For those who listen to it

Adblock Radio gives an access to radio shows and music with the annoying commercials. What a relief !

For the streams that are not yet subject to a partnership with radio companies, Adblock Radio leverages recent machine learning techniques to automatically distinguish music, talk and commercials.

The algorithm is collaboratively trained. Each listener can signal imprecisions on the go, improving his/her future experience and that of other users.

For those behind the mic

Listeners have many options to get news, to relax and to listen to music. Ads are often unbearable and disgust many of them everyday. Adblock Radio is a solution to keep those people tuned to your station, with a subscription package. Adblock Radio does not want to create new radio stations, but rather focuses on the growth of the broadcast radio market, built on the expertise and the brand identity of currently established actors.

Are you a radio professional interested in this project? Read our manifesto, watch the pitch and contact us at contact (@)

Try Adblock Radio for free

  • You can try Adblock Radio today, no strings attached.
  • During the testing phase, all Adblock Radio features are available for free.
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Why, one day, you will be requested to pay for Adblock Radio

  • Private radios companies get a majority of their revenue by broadcasting ads.
  • If nobody listens to the ads anymore, radios will stop their operations.
  • That's why, one day, we will request you to subscribe to Adblock Radio, for about 5€/month.
  • Radio companies will get a share of your subscription.
  • Subscribing will not be mandatory, but features such as ad detection will then be limited.

They enjoyed Adblock Radio

What could be done by hand, done automatically, just accomodating. A must-have!

If, like me, you don't listen to the radio anymore because ads three times an hour is just too much, then you'll enjoy this service.

Thank you for tinkering to bring this wonderful digital world back to its original purity, without ads.

The project's founder

Alexandre Storelli

Physicist and entrepreneur

During my physics PhD studies in École Polytechnique (Paris, France), I analysed experimental data using innovative numerical techniques. After graduation, as a radio listener, I decided to put those skills to good use by bringing about major change in the radio sector. I hope people will one day be able to opt-out from ads in their lives.